Advanced ENT Surgical Solutions

Advanced ENT Surgical Solutions

Nasopore® – Bio-Resorbable Nasal Dressing


Nasopore® is a unique bioresorbable synthetic foam for the nasal cavity, proven biologically inert. This dressing does not require painful removal ; hence, it is comfortable for patients. The unique structure has a proven high absorption capacity, being able to absorb up to 25 times its original weight.

Nasopore® provides compression during first 36-48 hours after insertion. During this period, it does not swell and so will not hinder natural drainage. After fragmentation Nasopore® will be drained from the nasal cavity via natural pathways without any pain.

Prevention of adhesions after nasal and sinus surgery, meaning it can be used to medialize the middle turbinate and septum, and prevent lateralization. Independent trials show that Nasopore® may function as a potential drug delivery carrier.

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