BPBIO | Convenient and High Accuracy
Blood Pressure Monitor

What is BPBIO?

BPBIO series is one of the most distinguished brands in the blood pressure monitor market, owing to its convenience and high accuracy, developed with the InBody technology.

Unlike conventional deflationary oscillometric blood pressure monitors, BPBIO’s inflationary oscillometric blood pressure monitors allow less blood vessel deformation and painless blood pressure measurement by applying customized pressurization to the user.

The models in this series allow for a variety of uses in different settings, from professional setting in clinics, to the comforts of your own home.

Fully Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Moving cuff – Inducing correct posture in close contact with measuring arm 
  • Moving elbow sensor – Inducing correct settlement of the elbow by reflecting the shape of measuring arm 
  • Guide display – Convenient interface for personal measurement 
  • Convenient to measure both arms with the ergonomic design 
  • Large screen – Excellent visibility for systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, and pulse rate 
  • Selectable result sheets – The common sense of blood pressure and logo are insertable when printing selectable type of Result sheets 
  • Irregular pulse wave detection

Home Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Five measurement modes optimized for usage in various environments
  • Accurate result with the one-touch cuff tightly fitting the arm
  • Clinically Validated according to ESH protocol

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