Bio-Resorbable Nasal Packing

Hemostasis – PosiSep X

PosiSep®X Hemostat Dressings/Intranasal Splints are indicated for use in patients undergoing nasal/sinus surgery as a space occupying splint and hemostat to:

  • Separate tissue or structures compromised by surgical trauma;
  • Separate and prevent adhesions between mucosal surfaces during mesothelial cell regeneration in the nasal cavity;
  • Help control minimal bleeding following surgery or trauma;
  • Help control minimal bleeding following surgery or nasal trauma by tamponade effect, blood absorption and platelet aggregation; and
  • Act as an adjunct to aid in the natural healing process.

PosiSep X is indicated for use as a nasal hemostat to treat epistaxis.

  • Biocompatible – made of chitosan-based polymers
  • Minimizes bleeding and edema after surgery
  • Foam easily conforms to nasal anatomy
  • Easy to apply – no mixing or additional prep time necessary
  • Dissolves naturally or can be easily removed with gentle irrigation and aspiration
  • No special storage conditions require

Find out more: Hemostasis PosiSepX Brochure

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Stryker – NasoPore

Bioresorbable nasal dressing

NasoPore is an excellent dressing option for a wide range of nasal procedures.
Count on NasoPore to absorb drainage and bleeding and prevent adhesions by effectively stenting mucosal tissue structures and providing hemostasis through compression.

  • Minimizes adhesions and edema
  • Absorbs blood and fluid
  • Separates and supports vital tissue structures
  • Clears naturally—trauma free and comfortable for patients
  • Easy to cut and manipulate during placement

Find out more: Stryker NasoPore Brochure