Simulation Models

The Grace Medical OtoSkills Trainer

Innovative, effective, and economical.

The Grace Medical OtoSkills Trainer is a breakthrough approach to reliable, cost-effective training for medical students, residents, fellows, and practicing physicians wanting to enhance their endoscopic and micro-instrumentation techniques.

Clinically validated to improve essential surgical skills, the OtoSkills Trainer is durable, 100% reusable, and able to serve an entire Otolaryngology program while reducing the need to use temporal bones for training purposes.

The OtoSkills Trainer can be used anywhere there is an endoscope. Modules change out easily, and only two additional instruments are needed: Alligator Forceps and Rosen needle/curved pick. A portable wifi endoscopic camera can also be used with the OtoSkills Trainer, increasing its versatility. Small and portable, the OtoSkills Trainer comes in a Pelican case for easy transport and storage.

The OtoSkills Trainer provides a small dome (Base Station) into which 12 different modules can be placed. The Base Station’s aperture can be adjusted with adaptors to create four levels of difficulty.

Each of the modules presents a unique challenge to develop and refine essential surgical capabilities:

  • Dexterity
  • Motor skills
  • Depth perception
  • Use of micro-instrumentation
  • Proper manipulation of the endoscope to
    accomplish tasks
    The OtoSkills Trainer supports all learning levels, enabling each user to move at his or her own pace and focus attention on specific areas of improvement.

Grace Medical OtoSkills Trainer Brochure