Lumenis CO2 Laser Solutions

The Lumenis CO2 laser solutions are uniquely designed to provide diverse treatment options in the operating room or the outpatient setting, under local or complete anesthesia. Partial list of approved indications for use includes: Stapedotomy, Acoustic Neuroma, Cholesteatoma, Eustachian tube dysfunction, Polyps and granulation tissue in external ear canal, Otitis media, Congenital aural atresia, Otosclerosis, Revision stapedotomy, Cochlear implant revision.

AcuPulse DUO

The versatility to choose the right treatment for your patient. AcuPulse DUO CO2 laser, a unique combination of CO2 laser fiber and free beam energy delivery in a single device. 

AcuPulse DUO Unique Features

  • Seamless alternation between the CO2 laser FreeBeam and Fiber delivery modes 
  • Three power and time exposure modes that enables customized energy delivery for optimal tissue management: 
    • CW – Steady, continuous beam of energy. Optimal for when coagulation is desirable 
    • PULSER – Constant frequency with variable pulse length yields the desired average power 
    • SUPER PULSE – Continuous series of short duration, high peak power pulses. Optimal for char free outcome 
  • Advanced, electronically controlled air management system. 
  • Embedded procedure and assembly videos in the user interface 
  • 99 memories can be integrated and saved on the system for varies users

AcuPulse DUO Brochure

UltraPulse® DUO CO2 Surgical Laser

Achieve the Master’s Touch

When it comes to precision and high-end performance, UltraPulse CO2 surgical laser is the ultimate solution. Now, Lumenis brings to you the UltraPulse DUO, a CO2 laser system that caters to physicians and surgical centers who demand excellence from themselves and their laser system. 

UltraPulse DUO Unique Features

  • Combining Unparalleled Precision with Flexibility: UltraPulse DUO CO₂ surgical laser combines the unparalleled precision of the Digital AcuBlade™ Scanning Micromanipulator with the flexibility of the FiberLase CO₂ laser fiber. Seamlessly alternate between the CO₂ energy deliveries to ensure individualized patient care. 
  • Address unexpected challenges: With the vital combination of precision and flexibility, you can be prepared to address unexpected challenges during a procedure. The comprehensive set of tools enables a complete operation without the need for additional procedures and hospitalization. 
  • Experience clear and char-free margins: clear pathological outcomes as a result of adequate margin visibility. Clear and clean margins are a true value in pathology and a top goal in today’s operating room. 
  • Smart tissue management: High preservation of adjacent delicate tissue results in fewer adverse events, adhesions and quicker recovery time. 
  • Progress to the outpatient environment: Expand out of the traditional OR setting and periodically treat on recurring conditions under local anesthesia in the outpatient setting.

UltraPulse DUO Brochure