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ENT Camera Systems

Stryker | 1688 AIM Camera System
| 1688 4K Camera

Stryker’s brand new 1688 AIM 4K Platform is the first system with fluorescence imaging designed into the 4K platform. Everything is managed by the Connected OR Hub, giving you seamless connectivity to images, data, and specialists you need.

See in greater detail than ever with superior image clarity, more accurate color reproduction, and enhanced light quality. And with 4K Fluorescence, we’ve taken visualization beyond the limits of any previous technology.

Stryker 1688 4K Brochure

Stryker | 1588 AIM Camera System

The 1588 AIM platform is designed to help improve patient outcomes by enabling surgeons to distinguish, safeguard and document critical anatomy. Its multiple imaging modalities enhance visualization across an array of minimally invasive and open surgical procedures.

  • Advanced Imaging Modalities (AIM)

  • Dynamic Range Enhancement (DRE): Creates a brighter image in dark and posterior compartments by up to 150%
  • Desaturation (Desat): Reduces intense reds up to 66% in bloody surgical environments
  • Infra-Red Illumination System (IRIS): Reduces the risk of ureteral damage via trans-illumination of ureters with infrared lighted fibres
  • Endoscopic Near Infrared Visualisation (ENV): Provides an enhanced visual assessment of blood flow, tissue perfusion, and biliary ducts using fluorescent light
  • Clarity: Real-time image enhancement to help surgeons see through smoke and sub-optimal conditions by improving image quality up to 48%

Stryker 1588 AIM Brochure

XION | EndoSTROBE PL Spectar Camera System

Application: ENT (Clinic), Swallowing, Speech & Voice

The Spectar camera platform has been designed to operate all current and future camera heads as well as rigid and flexible video endoscopes. The XION Spectar has been prepared both for native sensor resolutions up to 4K (4 x HD) as well as for demanding 3D endoscopic applications. Based on decades of experience in endoscopy, this concept offers completely new possibilities, while maintaining the now familiar ease of handling.

  1. EndoSTROBE PL Spectar Camera

  • 4K, 3D, Full HD native resolutions
  • HD and/or paediatric videoscope with integrated LED & microphone for consistent examinations
  • Compatible with Electroglottography (EGG) electrodes
  • Camera processor with integrated LED Light Source
  • Wired or wireless footswitch with programmable functions
  • Integrated into a full-sized tower or a rolling rack for smaller footprint and mobility
  • Professional Image Enhancement Technology (PIET)
  • PIET Lumino: For homogeneously-illuminated images
  • PIET Chromo: Intensified colour contrast and sharper details
  • PIET Spectro: Better differentiation of tissue structures via a shift in colour spectrum

Xion PL Spectar Camera Brochure

2. Matrix DS Data Station

  • Organisation and archive of Endoscopy records per Patient per Visit
  • DiVAS Stroboscopy, Swallowing & Voice Analysis modules available
  • Customisable Reports to suit every clinic’s need
  • 1TB of hard disk space

Xion Matrix E Spectar Brochure

Ecleris | Everlux LED + Procam Camera System

Ecleris Procam Camera provides affordable Standard and High Definition camera for Clinic use. Controls on Procam camera head for white balance, anti-moiré, windows. Both standard and zoom C-mount couplers available. Compact and ergonomic design. 

Ecleris Procam HD Brochure

Ikegami | Medical-Grade Full HD Monitors, Video cameras

Choose from a large range of high quality monitors and video cameras from 3D, 4K, to Full HD.


  • High brightness LED backlight and wide viewing angle
  • Automatic optimisation of black levels and contrast
  • Improved reproduction of difficult areas via control of chromaticity, luminance, edge enhancement
  • Variety of display modes including Mirror image, Side-by-Side and Picture-in-Picture

Video cameras

  • 1-chip or 3-chip CCD Full HD CMOS cameras
  • Smallest and lightest in the world (1-chip)
  • Perfect for use with Microscopes
  • Also available: 4K cameras


Henke-Sass, Wolf | Sinuscopes, Laryngoscopes, Otoscopes, Nasopharyngoscopes

HSW is the world’s leading OEM manufacturer for rigid endoscopes. Its High-definition (HD) endoscopes prepare you for the future, providing full HD performance even when used with future generations of HD video systems. They are fully laser-welded for exceptional autoclavable performance, and have ultra-high durability due to their unique triple-tube design and scratch-resistant sapphire lens. With enhanced resolution, high color rendering, and less distortion, the HSW HD endoscopes – from ENT endoscopes to Arthroscopes and Laparoscopes – are simply the best in their price range.

Ecleris | Sinuscopes, Laryngoscopes, Otoscopes

Exclusive design and excellent quality at a remarkable cost – this has been Ecleris’ innovation value since 2001. Its Sinuscopes, Otoscopes, and Laryngoscopes have outstanding image quality and luminosity, and offer the best value proposition for Clinics. Adaptors for connection to Storz, Olympus, Wolf, and ACMI light cables ensure that customers never have to worry about compatibility issues.

Ecleris Endoscopes Brochure

XION | Laryngoscopes, Video Laryngoscopes, Nasopharyngoscopes

Xion Laryngoscopes are robust, long-lasting and optimal to handle, with brilliant imaging. With high light sensitivity, stroboscopy images turn out bright and clear. Large depth of field also eliminates lavish re-focussing. And with the Video Nasopharyngoscopes integrated with LED and microphone, Xion offers a one-cable solution for doctors worldwide.

Xion Swallowing Diagnostics Brochure

ndoscopy Accessories

Complete your Endoscopy systems with the following accessories: 

Light cables

  • Autoclavable; Specific models for Halogen, Xenon & LED light sources
  • From 1.8m to 5.0m in length, and 3.5mm to 4.8mm in diameter
  • Adapters available for all brands of light sources and endoscopes

Portable Light sources

  • LED Handle “Power”: 150,000 lux with green heat protection, and rechargeable battery for 4 hours of use
  • LED illumination “Helios IV”: 500,000 lux, and li-ion battery for 8 hours of use
  • Adapters available for all brands of endoscopes

Sony | Medical-Grade Video Printers & Recorders

  • High resolution Dye Sublimation Printing with lamination
  • HDTV signal support – 1080i and 720p
  • Records 720p HD videos using MPEG4 and AVC-HD
  • USB and network recording capabilities
  • Simultaneously record to internal hard drive (500GB) and either a USB or DVD