Vent Tubes

The patented GRACE MEDICAL Triune ventilation tube was designed to address complications of the standard long term T-Tubes, specifically perforations.  The three flanges help to keep the tube in perpendicular relationship to the eardrum. This feature restricts unnecessary erosion of TM tissues. Each of the three flanges are also angled to contour to the TM which further prevents trauma to the TM tissue. Studies show a 3.0% perforation rate compared to 16.6% for standard long term T-Tubes.  (The Triune, a New Silicone Tympanoplasty Tube, Frank Hill, MD, Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery (2006) 134, 524-525; Kay DJ, Nelson MT, Rosenfeld RM. Meta-analysis of tympanostomy tube sequelae. Otolaryngology Head Neck Surgery 1999; 124:374-380)

  • 3.0% perforation rate
  • Easy insertion with standard forceps
  • Soft angled flanges contour to the TM
  • Three flanges hold the tube perpendicular to the TM
  • Features Grace Medical Cold Mold Manufacturing Technology

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