Non-stick Bipolar Forceps

SuperGliss Non-stick Bipolar F

Sutter is known as the pioneer of the non-stick technology for bipolar forceps. With our SuperGliss® non-stick bipolar forceps and our product lines SuperGliss® non-stick ELPSuperGliss® non-stick TEO and SuperGliss® non-stick zhora we offer a variety of models for different needs in the OR.

The material specially developed for our SuperGliss® non-stick bipolar forceps prevents overheating of the tips during coagulation. Laboratory tests confirm the outstanding non-stick properties that last throughout the lifetime of the instrument.

SuperGliss Non-stick Bipolar Forceps Brochure

SuperGliss Calvian Endopen Forceps

The Calvian endo-pen® non-stick bipolar forceps combine the benefits of the Calvian endo-pen® bipolar forceps with our SuperGliss® non-stick technology. A specially developed material prevents overheating of the tips during coagulation. Sutter offers a wide range of Calvian endo-pen® bipolar forceps. Different lengths and angles (15°, 45° and 70°), as well as tip sizes between 0.7 mm and 2.5 mm can be found in the product catalog. The instrument is also available in a bayonet style.

SuperGliss Calvin Endo-pen Bipolar Forceps Brochure