ENT Treatment Unit

Heinemann | ENT Treatment units


Heinemann offers premium quality ENT treatment units with antimicrobial paint, antibacterial tubes and optional UV-C radiation system to provide the most hygienic solution in a clinic.

It offers:

  • 4 models of differing sizes and options
  • Unique features such as touch screen display/control panel, LED instrument illumination, 2 or 3 instrument levels, customisable number of drawers with soft-close system and pull-out writing desk
  • Choose from endless options from automatic or manual clearing suction system, continuous stream compressed air system, up to 4 integrated light sources, upper shelf, headlamp holder, to preheated endoscope quivers, etc
  • Absolutely vibration-free even with suction up to 60L/min
  • Configurable layout to suit different workflow practices in each clinic
  • Can be mounted with camera, monitor, and/or microscope from Carl Zeiss or Kaps for an all-in-one space saving solution
  • Colour-customisable to suit existing colour scheme of the room

Heinemann | Patient Chairs

  • High quality patient chairs with 360o rotation, lockable
  • Adjustment of backrest between +9o and -90o (horizontal laying) via lockable gas spring
  • Height adjustment using foot pedal or separate foot switch, with optional additional control panel on side of backrest
  • Colour-customisable to suit existing colour scheme of room

Heinemann | Surgeon Stools

  • High-quality working chairs with safety castors and brakes, and optional foot ring
  • Height-adjustable seats of different ranges across the 4 models, via a lever or foot pedal
  • 180o rotatable backrest with adjustable height and inclination
  • Optional: Anatomically-designed seat
  • Colour-customisable to suit existing colour scheme of room

Heinemann Treatment Unit Brochure

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