Hemostasis PosiSep® X Sample Promotion

Before Hydration
After Hydration


PosiSep® X is indicated for use as a hemostat dressing/intranasal splint intended to minimize bleeding and edema and to prevent adhesions between the septum and the nasal cavity. PosiSep® X is constructed from proprietary NOCC chitosan polymers into a patient-comfortable sponge which is placed in the nasal cavity after surgery or trauma. After hydration, PosiSep® X will immediately expand to fill the space between mucosal tissues and prevent post-op adhesions. Subsequent irrigation will cause the product to fragment, thus optimizing patient tolerance and comfort. Typical clearance time is about 5-10 days.

What is NOCC? 

NOCC is a proprietary medical grade, N,O-carboxymethyl chitosan polymer manufactured by Hemostasis. It is made from chitin, an amino-polysaccharide removed from the powdered shells of crustaceans. NOCC has unique properties which make it advantageous for use in medical applications. 

Made of Chitosan Polymer

Promotes wound healing and reduces synechia

Prevent laterisation of MT

Provides compression up to 36 hours and completely dissolves in 7 days for easier post op cleaning

Flat Design

Easier insertion especially for in office patient

Easier Storage

Can be stored under room temperature. No special storage condition needed

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