Sleep Medicine Certificate Course

Sleep Medicine

Sleep medicine is a medical practice that uses clinical assessment and physiological monitoring techniques to diagnose sleep related diseases, and uses drugs, medical instruments, surgery, patient education, behavior correction and other techniques to treat them. It is also a subject that studies sleep and sleep disorders, an important part of neuroscience, and an emerging interdisciplinary subject that has received attention in recent years.

Provides comprehensive diagnosis and
treatment for the full spectrum of sleep conditions

The 9 case-based modules consist of sleep apnea symptoms, 7 different sleep disorders, sleep apnea screening, different types of testing for sleep disorders, diagnosis, exam reading & findings, follow up, continuous monitoring, telemedicine, and products recommendations based on conditions and symptoms.

Main treatments for sleep disorders

  • Medications (sleeping drugs, wakefulness-promoting drugs, traditional Chinese medicine)
  • Non-invasive respiratory therapy (CPAP, etc.)
  • Psychotherapy (CBTi, hypnosis, psychological scales, various questionnaires)
  • Surgical treatment (ENT surgery, bariatric surgery, etc.)
  • Acupuncture treatment (pricking needles, etc.)
  • Other treatments (biofeedback, transcranial magnetic stimulation, phototherapy, etc.)

Sleep medicine expertise

  • Physical examination technology (physical examination/chemical examination/functional examination/ airway examination)
  • HST technology (home sleep detection)
  • PSG technology (polysomnography detection system) and MSLT
  • Psychological techniques (psychological questionnaires/ psychological measurements/ personality questionnaires/ interview techniques, etc.)
  • Emergency technology (hypnotic drug poisoning and accident rescue technology

Who are suitable for it?

This certification course is specially designed for doctors and health care practitioners in the following specialties:

  • Treat chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiovacular, psychiatry, etc.
  • Dentist
  • Involved in sleep disorder treatment
  • Interested in the latest sleep medicine
  • Experience of an Ivy League University certificate

Course Introduction

The course is delivered with the following:

  • Ten-week online cross-discipline course, obtained the Penn Medical School certificate
  • Various real case studies to fully grasp various symptoms and changes
  • Diversified consultation exercises, familiar with identification and diagnosis skills
  • With the main complaint and testing as the core, guide the treatment strategy throughout the process

This course is offered by Easmed Academy in partnership with The Air Station, Teleplus and The University of Pennsylvania.

Course Fee:  $2725

10% Discount for sign-ups through Easmed Academy 

Help Patients with their Sleep

Help Patients with their Sleep

Become a Sleep Trained Physician

Become a Sleep Trained Physician​

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