Stryker Sonopet Ultrasonic

Sonopet Ultra

The SONOPET Ultrasonic Aspirator delivers optimal flexibility for you, your team and your patients. It’s precise, easy to use and remarkably versatile. In one high-performance surgical aspirator, you get unparalleled control in soft-tissue applications—plus the nuanced power you need for fine bone dissection. Regulate ultrasonic power, suction and irrigation easily from the console.

Key advantages include:

Proprietary LT Technology

  • Longitudinal + Torsional Vibration
  • Sonopet is the only ultrasonic aspirator to effectively address fine bone/hard tissue dissection by coupling torsional oscillation and longitudinal vibration.
  • Stryker’s patented technology, combined with precise control and an ergonomically designed handpiece, makes it possible to emulsify bone with no grabbing or kicking due to non-rotational reciprocating motion, which is common amongst conventional technology.

Hand Piece Advantages

  • Lightweight, ergonomic design provides superb tactile feedback
  • 25kHz Universal handpiece partnered with an additional 34 kHz handpiece, allows for a tailored use, specific to procedural needs.
  • The piezoelectric handpiece system comes with ceramic crystal wafers, it generate the ultrasonic vibration when it expands and contracts
  • Lightweight, ergonomic
  • Same console and handpiece for soft tissue and fine bone dissection
  • Angled and straight 25kHz models
  • 9 tip options for bone and 11 tip options for soft tissue
  • Patented Barracuda tip and LT technology of Bone tips
  • Precision engineered for power and control

Sonopet Complete Brochure, Sonopet Complete OR Guide