PPE For Businesses Made Easy: An Easmed Academy Webinar by Dr Leong Hoe Nam

SINGAPORE, JULY 09, 2020 – Confused business owners now have a reason to rejoice: Easmed will be helping them figure out the ins and outs of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and guide them in finding out what they need in order to keep their staff and customers safe as they reopen their businesses.

  • Why it’s important: Many businesses have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, not just by losses of revenue but also in having to cope with the sudden need to submit safe business reopening plans without much knowledge on infectious diseases nor a working understanding of PPE. Easmed has received innumerable enquiries about PPE, often from business owners and purchasers looking to do the right thing but who are crippled by inaccessible knowledge on what is really required for their businesses. Instead of standing by helplessly as confusing government mandates are issued and the flood of online misinformation leaves our community dazed and worried, Easmed has decided to bridge the gap between medical professionals and business owners through an exclusive online webinar with Dr Leong Hoe Nam, an Infectious Diseases Specialist from Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital. He will be distilling fact from fiction in his online webinar hosted by Easmed Academy on 15th July 2020, 3pm to 4pm. 
  • What’ll be covered: The difference between the different kinds and brands of surgical masks (and if there even is any kind of difference), when to wear what kind of protective equipment, and all the things most laymen haven’t even thought to consider when using PPE. Dr Leong will also be fielding any questions that may arise, as well as discussing health authorities’ considerations for health and social measures in the workplace. In sum, attendees will leave the hour-long session armed with every bit of knowledge they will need to equip their staff with the correct PPE plans for safe reopening.  
  • Who should join: Business owners, members of procurement teams, Human Resources planning for staff welfare or workplace safety committee team members, and anyone else who is invested in knowing about the right type and quality of PPE that their business should be using. 

Dr Leong will also address questions from business operators in this webinar. Leveraging on his invaluable wealth of expert knowledge will certainly bring much needed help to businesses who are not trained to prepare for the risks involved in encountering a possible infected staff or customer. 

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Details of the webinar are as follows:

WEBINAR–  PPE Considerations for Safe Business Reopening (Click to get the recording) 

Date : Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Time : 3pm – 4pm

Link to join the Webinar will be provided after sign up.

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Yvonne Loo


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PPE For Businesses Made Easy: An Easmed Academy Webinar by Dr Leong Hoe Nam